The purpose for which this Corporation is formed is solely and entirely nonprofit, charitable, educational, benevolent, scientific, and musical for the performance of all types of music and art by musicians and other artists for persons through activities including but not limited to public performances, private performances, and school performances. 

Tulsa Festival Ringers, Inc., Tulsa’s only auditioned community handbell ensemble, is more than a musical novelty; it is an ensemble of musicians who specialize in handbell ringing.  The members are handbell directors and ringers from various churches throughout Eastern Oklahoma who want to share their love of music and handbells.  Formed in the spring of 1991 to attend a handbell festival in San Antonio, Texas, Tulsa Festival Ringers have been ringing for audiences everywhere from their concerts in Tulsa to handbell festivals in Texas and Arizona.

We are dedicated to educating, entertaining, and promoting musical art.  We have performed with the Tulsa Philharmonic, OK Sinfonia, and Signature Symphony, at Tulsa Ballet events, on Six in the Morning and Good Morning Oklahoma, at PAC Brown Bag-It concerts, and on a Christmas television special.